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Read Moe'sForum for hearing on spending limits for city council.  Solicitor Mike Jones  

fails to do his job for City.  Case Mike Jones ignored in City Hall has now been in  

higher courts a year and a half.

Posted by Austin Leedom at 1:00 a.m. Thursday, June 16, 2005?



Local skilled pressmen have no more work here at

Portsmouth Daily Times as the Times will now be printed

in Gallipolis.  Hundreds of newspaper presses have been shut

down across the country as publishers battle to stay alive.



Posted by Austin Leedom at 1:00 a.m. Thursday, June 16, 2005


EPA cites 18 companies for clean-air violations

William Omohundro, (312) 353-8254

For Immediate Release
No. 04-OPA015


CHICAGO (Feb. 11, 2004) -- U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 5 has notified 18 companies that it believes they violated federal or federally enforceable state clean-air regulations.

These are preliminary findings of violations. To resolve them, EPA may issue compliance orders, assess administrative penalties or bring suit against the companies. The companies have 30 days from receipt of the notices to request meetings with EPA to discuss resolving the allegations.

"EPA's mission is to protect public health and the environment," said Region 5 Administrator Thomas V. Skinner. "We will take whatever steps are needed to ensure compliance with the Clean Air Act."

[NOTE TO EDITORS: Companies alleged to have violated federal clean-air regulations received a Finding of Violation (FOV) and companies alleged to have violated federally enforceable state regulations received a Notice of Violation (NOV). Four companies received both.]



OSCO Industries Inc.
11th and Chillicothe Streets
Portsmouth, Ohio
OSCO Industries Inc.
Athens and Chillicothe Streets
Jackson, Ohio

EPA alleges OSCO violated federal clean-air regulations by making major

modifications to these two gray-iron foundries without getting proper permits

and without installing necessary pollution control equipment. OSCO also failed

to submit timely and complete Clean Air Act Title 5 operating permit

applications for the foundries.



The above information was obtained from the EPA website after we

read about the local OSCO receiving a Finding of Violation from an article

posted on Moeís Forum today, Thursday, June 16, 2005.


The posting on Moeís Forum is copied below:


ďMy example of what are not journalist skills is the PDT

(Portsmouth Daily Times) not reporting OSCO being charged with polluting

our air. Two weeks ago the Jackson paper reported a story concerning

OSCO Industries in both the Jackson Community and the Portsmouth

Community being charged with illegal air emissions (pollutants); the

Jackson paper also included an interview with Mr. Burke.

Did anyone see an article in the PDT or for that matter did anyone see an
article in any of our local newspapers? Maybe for up-to-date and accurate news we need to subscribe to local newspapers from the surrounding
communities like, Jackson, Chillicothe, Ironton etc.

If the PDT would get out of the SOGPís *** and start investigating and
reporting all the facts and information they might, and I say might very
loosely, achieve some sort of credibility, which I can't say I've seen in my lifetime.Ē

Posted by Austin Leedom at 1:00 a.m. Thursday, June 16, 2005



(This article written and published by Austin Leedom at 7:40 p.m. Thursday, February 3, 2005.)

Less than 36 hours ago John Welton published on a copy of a letter written under the letterhead and logo of the Grand Realm of Alabama, Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. This letter was addressed to Mr. Roy Aeh of 1559 Charles Street, Portsmouth, Ohio 45662 and was signed by David J. Duke, Grand Dragon.

In this letter, dated April 29, 1978 Grand Dragon David Duke indicated his pleasure with Mr. Roy Aehís induction into the Grand Realm of Ohio. Mr. Duke wrote of a  national convention to be held in Jackson, Mississippi the week of July 23-28, 1978. He wrote, "You and your wife JoAnn are cordially invited to be with us in this great crusade."

This letter has been in my possession since 1996 but was not published until Mrs. Jo Ann Aeh recently mentioned the recall of three councilman in 1980. Mrs. Aeh worked against the 2004 recalls of Mayor Greg Bauer and Councilwomen Ann Sydnor and Carol Maddeline Caudill.

John Welton (aka Doug Deepe) investigated the 1980 recall and discovered Mrs. Jo Ann Aeh was one of the leaders of this 1980 recall; she was an employee of the Portsmouth Daily Times at that time and wrote letters to the editor encouraging this recall; her letters were published.

Doug Deepeís investigation also revealed that in this 1980 recall effort hooded Ku Klux Klan marchers performed a terroristic nighttime parade around the homes of Councilmen Andy Clausing and Harold Daub. Also a casket on a float-type trailer was paraded down Chillicothe Street with enlarged photos of Harold Daub, Andy Clausing and Mark Price attached to the casket. The float also was adorned with KKK crosses. And, the Portsmouth Daily Times encouraged and gave intensive publicity to these Ku Klux Klan events, and urged the recall of three honest councilmen.

Today, less than 36 hours after Doug Deepeís first publication of the Ku Klux Klan letter, further confirmation of the authenticity of letter has been received from SOCF personnel; Roy Aeh was a teacher at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility (SOCF) where he used copies of the David J. Duke Ku Klux Klan letter as a recruiting tool to gather new members to the Klan, according to highly reliable inside SOCF information.

For more details about the ghastly Un-American activities of the Ku Klux Klan in league with the Portsmouth Daily Times read exclusive articles on .

(This article written and published by Austin Leedom at 7:40 p.m. Thursday, February 3, 2005.)


(Letter from H. Justin Daub; this letter was first posted on Dougís Forum January 27, 2005)

AN OPEN LETTER TO THE PENIX FAMILY ! (lets pray for our city together)

I can understand your familyís efforts to save Mr. Penixís reputation, and I send my respects and sympathy to your family. Sometimes a man must do whatever to keep his family. Many have fought in wars for the betterment of the same.

I have been fighting this same battle for my family and myself for many years.

In todays editorial by Rick Greene he stated " The Portsmouth Daily Times will take full advantage of the First Amendment and freedom of the Press it ENJOYS !" THIS SOUNDS LIKE THE SAME ATTITUDE USED AGAINST THE THREE COUNCILMEN IN 1980! Which is O K. But they used it in the wrong way! They distorted the truth and heightened sensationalism to sell papers and destroy three menís families forever.

Now, please I would like to state my side if I may? The importance of the Penix letter is irrelevant to me, although I was very shocked when I read it years ago! But what I would like to bring out is the things Iíve had to face in my life due to this character assassination on my father and family by the Portsmouth Times.

While I was only a year old when The Portsmouth Times was feeding its readers a daily dose of spite and hatred toward my father as though he were a mass murderer on the loose. I looked at some old letters to the editor and they started condemning him nine days after he took office. He still loves and cares for this city today! We could have moved but chose not to. Our family has been here for two hundred years.

When I was old enough to understand why I was being treated as some type of outcast, my mother brought out all the old newspaper clippings including the letter in question. I was shocked and appalled to see the front page showing the casket parade with my fatherís picture on the side, and signs saying WANTED and MURDERER, Not to mention an everyday editorial or other slanderous statements and many orchestrated letters to the editor.

I asked my parents many times why the truth was never brought out? Well, who are you going to take it to? The Portsmouth Times? The same people that poisoned people against you everyday for six months? Not to mention the local radio station blasting him every chance they got.

Ms. Penix I would like to share a couple of small experiences since I started school up to today. You should be grateful your son Paul Jr. didnít have to go through what I did thanks to The Portsmouth Times character assassination of my father. It still goes on today.

In my early school years I was already being chastised and didnít know why. When parents found out that a DAUB was in their child's class they would send their imbedded hatred from the Portsmouth Times against my father to unleash them on me. They would say awful things to me and even to the point they brought in old paper clippings. I had to change schools several times to try to escape this ridicule not only from the kids but also from some teachers!

There was a time I didnít know it happened, at the time, a hate imbedded parent sent cupcakes into school for their childís birthday, for all the kids to share. I didnít know this until many years later when my mother showed me the teacherís note. The note stated there is enough cup cakes but one short and asks the teacher that Daub not be given one! This teacher was very kind to me and I didnít know this until many years later. The teacher sent a note home with me for my parents unknowing the content. My mother kept this note and Iíll share it with you today. "Iím sorry but I feel compelled to tell you what happened in my class today. Cup cakes were sent in for a small birthday celebration, a note was sent in with them to exclude your son! I thought about sending them back home with the child but it was not the child's fault. I gave your son mine and sent a note home with that child, that was the wrong thing to do to a small child! And I would not. " When I read this I still get a tear in my eye.

Other incidents like birthday parties my mother gave every child an invitation to attend my party at skate land, need not bring any gifts only have a good time. I later found out many did not show up because their parents stated they were not allowed, I was a Daub. But when I went to a schoolmates party at skate land they were all there?

When I grew older and started showing an interest in girls around town like most young boys! I was told by some they were not allowed to be with a Daub, and if they were caught they would be punished! WHAT DID I DO? WHO DID I MURDER to deserve this type of treatment?

After graduating from high school I began looking for employment around the area. Everywhere I applied they all asked the same question? ARE YOU THE SON OF THAT HAROLD DAUB? THE RECALLED COUNCILMAN? What could I say. but yes?. Needless to say all the people that asked or brought up the 1980 city council subject never called me back! But less qualified people did .

Dear Ms. Penix be glad for your son, that he wasnít tormented and branded all his life for things printed against his father in The Portsmouth Times. ITíS BEEN HELL!

Itís hard to explain all thatís happened in this short note over 25 years of being chastised for something simple as my father trying to fire a crooked city manager. Feldman left a couple years later with a pocket full of the taxpayers money. He never looked back on Portsmouth.

I know this site has a small readership nothing like the thousands of papers put on peopleís porches each day by The Portsmouth Times, but I thought I needed to reply, and at least let you know a little about my life.

One question Ms. Penix only you can answer! You stated to my mother and father that you later found out you and the paper were being used and that those people were wrong in what they did to my father. My question is you stated you and Paul started your own paper The Community Common because you didnít like where the Times was going? Then why didnít you or your husband ever write this in your paper and help clear the names of the families the Times destroyed? Clausing, Price, and Daub.

One last thing about this letter two God loving men have gone to their grave believing this letter to be the truth. And by all the slander these people took it looks to be real too many. Unlike the obituary you posted of James Secrest boasting he was a city councilman, these men asked it not be mentioned in theirs. They wanted to go out quietly, for fear they would even be smeared in the final day.
A message to Rick Greene, I just wonder if you would put the casket parade on the front page today? With my fathers picture below the words WANTED AND MURDER? I think you would! Your paper is the biggest problem with Portsmouth ! Itís all about the love of money, and the ability to take it away from you, the taxpayers.

H. Justin Daub (son of Harold Daub)

Below are responses from readers of Doug's Forum.

Re: AN OPEN LETTER TO THE PENIX FAMILY ! (lets pray for our city together) (Response from a reader)


You wrote an awesome letter, from the heart. It took a lot of courage to come foraward as you did. I know a bit about having a reputation ruined by unscrupulous people, so I can empathize with your plight. I hope for the sake of your father and mother, and you and the rest of your family that this matter is finally cleared up and put to rest.

I believe that it's high time that they let the truth come out. Regardless of who is alive or dead, those that were shamefully smeared should be cleared. If the Penix family knows what really happened then the HONEST thing is to stand up and admit it.

The time for denials and accusations is over. A shameful, terrible incident has happened. It should be rectified, it can be rectified.

A challenge has been laid at the feet of Ms. Penix and her family. Can you, will you, accept it and set the record straight? How can you serve our city and county with honor and integrity while knowing of such a lie? How can you stand yourself knowing that you have the ability to clear a man's name, yet have withheld that information for years?

Portsmouth is in shambles because of underhanded dealings, rumors, and mudslinging, and basically outright theft from it's citizens. When is it over? The city cannot be changed until the people responsible for such reprehensible actions are exposed and the people that were harmed are cleared.

Too many lies. Too much deceit. Too many innocent people harmed.

Enough is enough!



Re: A OPEN LETTER TO THE PENIX FAMILY ! (lets pray for our city together) (Response from a reader of Dougís Forum)

Although I was not a part of the horrendous acts that took place with your family, I still feel that I owe you an apology. Why? Because, for a long time, I sat back, unaware of what REALLY was happening. My blind faith in our City officials and The PDT inadvertently allowed this to happen. That's why, once awakened, I joined forces to help rid this town of the vermin and stinch.

Thank you for your willingness to share a small portion of your torment with the rest of us. I'm sure it wasn't easy.


EDITORS NOTE: The writings above were posted on Dougís Forum on January 28, 2005 by H. Justin Daub, the son of Harold and Darlene Daub. (Responses by citizens to his letter are printed below Justin Daubís letter.) Harold Daub, along with two other honest councilmen were removed from office by recall in 1980. Mr. Daub had been in City Council only nine days when he was first attacked by the Portsmouth Daily Times. The Portsmouth Daily Times attacks against Daub began when Councilman Daub refused bribes from a group that included Attorney Clayton Johnson and the Publisher of The Portsmouth Daily Times. The almost daily attacks by the Times continued; The Times encouraged attacks and demonstrations against the three Councilmen. Reports of the number of participants in events such as the orchestrated Casket March down Chillicothe Street were greatly exaggerated and published (May 8, 1980) on the front page of the Portsmouth Daily Times. (The casket used in the March was adorned with photos of three Councilmen and large signs such as " MURDERERS" and "WANTED" were affixed to the casket.)  Photos of the nighttime march of persons garbed in KU KLUX KLAN robes and hoods around the homes of Andrew Clausing and Harold Daub were not frontpaged by the Times. Mrs. Harold (Darlene) Daub, a young mother, was home alone with her small child Justin, when the KU KLUX KLAN marchers made their frightening night-time parade around and around her home. She  was "terrified."

As the above writings of young Justin Daub attest, this event was only the beginning of a lifetime of abuse, discrimination, humiliation, and mistreatment for the child.

Thousands of lying words were published by the Portsmouth Daily Times in their continuing efforts to discredit the three councilman who were trying to avert a monstrous theft of public funds from the city treasury by a small group of greedy opportunists.

Twenty-five years later the program is still in place at The Portsmouth Daily Times as people who write and publish falsehoods for pay are still co-operating with the Same Old Gang Program (SOGP.) The suffering of untold thousands of citizens and the decline of Portsmouth is the history of the disgraceful Portsmouth Daily Times.

The above commentary written and published by Austin Leedom, Editor of the Shawnee Sentinel Website at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, January 29, 2005.


By John Welton, January 30, 2005The following email was sent to me by Robert Kelley and he granted me permission to publish the email correspondence between him and Portsmouth Daily Times Editor Rick Greene. It sures looks like Greene can't take what he dishes out! Read it for yourself!

-----Forwarded Message-----
From: Rick Greene
Sent: Jan 28, 2005 4:04 PM
To: Robert Kelley
Subject: Re: Consider the Source

on 1/26/05 1:32 PM, Robert Kelley at wrote:

Mr Greene,
After reading your editorial 01-26-05, I shall consider you as a news source null and void when it comes to your lack of reporting underhanded white-collar crime in Portsmouth, Ohio. If it weren't for the underground reporting we wouldn't have a clue about what was really going on.
You, Mr. Greene are nothing more than a propagandist for the SOGP and the elitist of our fair city and county. You sir, are without principles or scruples. I see that Douge Deepe has proof of what your newspaper thinks of us, that we will believe anything you publish.  I sir, believe nothing that your sorry paper prints.
When you examine your mushy back-bone you will discover a lack of a spine.

Most Sincerely. Robert E Kelley
195 Wilson Street
Portsmouth, Ohio 45662

P.S. I feel that you don't have the fortitude to publish this letter. But if you do, you have my permission.

I'm not interested in your unsupported, and false, conspiracy theories.
Please stop sending me e-mails.
Thank you.

Rick Greene
Managing Editor
Portsmouth Daily Times


An Open Letter to Portsmouth Daily Times Editor Rick Greene.

Another year is about to end. Perhaps next year will be kinder to you. I respectfully hope so. You have much talent. You have a degree in journalism. You have experience, and are an excellent writer when you are allowed to write honestly. You know how to investigate corruption; you proved that to the Shawnee Sentinel reporters when you worked with us and government investigators in our inquiry into the thefts from the city by former-City Service Director Mike Blackburn, and other investigations. You were with us when we were investigating the missing funds from the Drug Task Force and the fraudulent Martings Building sale.

You told us that you agreed to be Editor of The Times when you were promised you could really be the Editor and make the decisions as to what you could and would write. You were mis-informed. Your investigations and writing were fine until you began asking the Southern Ohio Growth Partnership (SOGP) about their financial records. Then you were told by the Chamber of Commerce (a group that is controlled by SOGP) that if you continued your investigations and writings they were going to withhold advertising money from your newspaper. They did withhold their ads from your Big Special Edition last spring, but you produced a very fine publication without their support.

Your investigation into the May 2002 purchase of the old Martings Department Store Building by the City Council from Clayton Johnson (who is also known as the Richard D. Marting Foundation) brought more grief to you. Then the SOGP summoned you to the offices of White-Collar-Crime King-Pin Clayton Johnson where you were, in effect, put on a short chain and muzzled.

You ignored the vicious slapping of a Shawnee Sentinel reporterís wife by a gun-toting thug (Dean Conklin) employed in the office of City Prosecutor Mark Kuhn on Black Friday, February 27, 2004. The police and medical records were available but you were ordered not to write the story. Mark Kuhn was running for the office of County Prosecuting Attorney. The SOGP (Clayton Johnson) did not dare let Kuhnís opponent Eric Wrage win the election. Attorney Wrage promised, "equal justice for all." You were silenced, again.

The SOGP forced you to support the felonious Mayor Greg Bauer when the citizens sought to recall him. Your writings to keep the Mayor in office were in vain. The angered people of the City of Portsmouth disregarded your backing of Mayor Bauer and recalled him by two-to-one vote.

Then you knew that you had lost your power to influence the informed voters of Portsmouth.

But, you were forced to back Councilwoman Ann Sydnor in spite of her lengthy record of enriching herself at the expense of the citizens, and her felonious record of tampering with election petitions. You also had to support Councilwoman Maddeline Carol Caudill despite her actions in illegally being a lead player in the purchase of the $762,000 Marting building for $2,000,000. You were fully aware that the illegal sale of the old Martings building was simply a bail-out to relieve Clayton Johnson (SOGP) of $600,000 in personal indebtedness. You had to keep silent, except to praise the criminal council members and urge the voters to retain them in office.

You lost again. The citizens voted them out despite your best efforts to sustain corruption in City Council.

Following a suit by Bob and Teresa Mollette against the council for illegally buying the old Martings Building, Scioto County Common Pleas Court Judge William T. Marshall ruled that the purchase was illegal and ruled the purchase null and void.

Sadly, today you caused an editorial to be published in your newspaper that said that the City of Portsmouth should ignore the ruling of the Honorable Judge and refuse to pay any court ordered fees due the Molettesí attorney.

As I wrote earlier in this article, Rick Greene, you are educated, talented, are easy to work with; you have a good personality, even charming at times. You are an excellent investigator, a good writer. You have done well as Managing Editor in producing a newspaper seven days a week. Sadly, I, and others have seen a very noticeable deterioration of the ethical editor we once knew. Your appearance has suffered, your attitude is a fearful one and confidence in yourself is as shattered as the publicís belief in your truthfulness.

Rick, as the old lyric goes, "You gotta know when to hold, You gotta know when to fold." Next year can be much better for you, Mr. Greene. Here in Portsmouth the citizens have voted and they say, "Thou art weighed in the balance and found wanting." (Daniel 5:27)

You would do well to do as many good people have done when they became tired and frustrated by the pervasive corruption of Portsmouth; leave town. Find an honest employer who will permit you to perform ethically. Dress up again, shine your shoes, put on your tie, iron your shirts, get a haircut and start smiling again. Look like an editor again. Then you may regain your confidence and your honor; once again you may be of value to society. You can once again be clean and healthy morally, physically and spiritually. You can write and write honestly. Donít let yourself and your family go down with the dregs of dishonest society you have been forced to associate with and write for, here in this City of Corruption.

May you have a happy, prosperous and ethical New Year. You owe it yourself, and your family. You have the rest of your life before you. You can be whatever you think you can be. "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." (Proverbs 23:7)


Austin Leedom  December 31, 2004




Friday, December 17, 2004 - Editor Rick Greene of the Portsmouth Daily Times slandered Third Ward citizen Harold Daub following the hearing today in Common Pleas Court on the Marting Embezzlement Case. 

Derogatory, slanderous statements against Mr. Daub were made by Editor Greene to a group of about ten citizens in the hallway outside Judge Willliam T. Marshallís Courtroom following the 2:30 p.m. hearing on Friday, December 17, 2004. 

Apparently Mr. Greene was unaware that Mrs. Harold (Darlene) Daub was one of the group until a lady friend of Mrs. Daub introduced Editor Greene to the lady.

Mr. Greene was then excitedly apologetic and begged the lady to ask her husband to come to his office at the Daily Times Building.

Editor Rick Greene may soon realize that it is time for him to move on to another area.

His credibility has been destroyed by his decision to take orders from the SOGP mob; few people now trust him.

"Move on, Mr. Greene. Go where the people do not know what you are.  All you have lost here is your honor." By Austin Leedom, Shawnee Sentinel Reporter, Wednesday, December 22, 2004 at 12:15 a.m.


AND STEVE (WNXT) HAYES - CLICK ON Daily Times in menu at left

(Written and posted by Austin Leedom at 1:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 01, 2004)

Not long ago, in the summer of 2003 Portsmouth Daily Times Editor Rick Greene and WNXT Disk Jockey Steve Hayes were calling each other names. Now, today, Rick Greene is running free advertising for Steve Hayes on the front page of the Daily Times.

And on the Editorial Page today, Rick Greene published a letter favorable to stopping the recall of our mendacious Mayor, Greg Bauer. This letter is from a man in Delaware, Ohio. How many letters from local people who are suffering from Bauerís tax raises did the Editor throw in the trash can to make room for the epistle from Bauerís out-of-town accomplice?

In May, 2003 Editor Rick Greene was furious about Greg Bauer lying to him about the thefts committed by Bauerís man, Mike Blackburn, who was at that time, the City Service Director. Editor Greene was also angry that disk jockey Steve Hayes was providing Mayor Greg Bauer air time to lie about Rick Greeneís publication of the truth about Bauer and Blackburn.

Since then Police Chief Charles Horner reported that Mike Blackburn had committed five felony crimes of theft from the city. Assistant County Prosecuting Attorney Bill Shaw made a similar report. City Solicitor David Kuhn did not prosecute. Kuhn asked an alleged lawyer, Waldo, in Lawrence County to recommend "no prosecutable acts."

In February 2004 the City Council asked the Chief of Police to investigate the purchase of the Martings Building, for an outlandish price, in 2002. Many persons becames extremely agitated by the possibility that the truth about this deal would be known to the public.

The Chief accused no one of any wrongdoing. However, Pleas of Not Guilty were made in an open City Council meeting by Solicitor David Kuhn and council members Carol Caudill and Howard Baughman.

The Mayor, and his devious comrades at SOGP and the Chamber of Commerce put pressure on Portsmouth Daily Times Publisher Eddie Blakely and Editor Greene to stop printing the truth about the Martingís Scandal. Bob Huff, Mafia-style front man for SOGP told the Times to stop printing the truth or the SOGP and the Chamber of Commerce were going to refuse to advertise in the Timesí yearly Progress Edition.

The SOGP, the Chamber of Commerce and the Retail Merchants did boycott this big annual edition, but Editor Greene published a grand edition without their money. The publication was good.

Rick Greene has received many investigative reports from the Shawnee Sentinel and Doug Deepe and has verified their reports and printed the truth. Almost every "big story" in the past year was furnished the Times by the Sentinel and Doug Deepe. However, Rick Greene was recently ordered not to associate with the investigators any longer. The truth about the Martings Scandal and Clay Johnson must not be published in the Daily Times. We can understand the concern by Clay Johnson and Greg Bauer, and we can understand the pressure from the advertisers. The gang that threatened Publisher Blakely has done this before.

Now it appears that the SOGP, the Chamber of Commerce and others have ordered the Portsmouth Daily Times to increase their efforts to make Mayor Greg Bauer look good and avert his pending recall. This is understandable. An honest Mayor would be a detriment to the thefts from city coffers.

Apparently Editor Greene has been told to give free advertising (disguised as news stories) to Bauerís Best Buddy, Steve Hayes. For several weeks Rick Greene has written against the recall; this is not enough. Not so many people have trust in the Editorís integrity, anymore. Now he is busily sorting through the Letters to the Editor in an attempt to find a letter supporting the Mayor.

We feel sorry for you, Rick Greene. You looked better when you were honest.

We have "ladies on the street" and "entertainment ladies" at motels that rent their bodies for a price.

We can live with that old profession, but it is hard to condone the acts of a "man of ethics" with a duty to the community he receives his pay from, to prostitute an (sometimes) honorable profession.

(Written and posted by Austin Leedom at 1:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 01, 2004)



(Written and posted by Austin Leedom at 12:30 a.m. Monday, March 29, 2004)

The Portsmouth Daily Times (PDT) under the editorship of Rick Greene was a leader in news in Portsmouth, Ohio for the past several months. For the first time since Publisher Ken Park fired Tim Underwood in 1993 the Times published revealing investigative articles.

At that time, in an interview with Publisher Park I questioned the dismissal of Tim Underwood who had brought many interesting articles of criminal corruption to the attention of the Timesí readers. Ken Park replied, "Tim Underwood was looking at things we are not supposed to be looking at; he is a good reporter and I hated to let him go."

PUBLISHER FIRED FOR STORY ABOUT PHYSICIAN AT SOMCLess than two years later Mr. Park was also fired because one of his reporters had published a one-column, three-inch brief on page five that told of a physician at Southern Ohio Medical Center (SOMC) who had been sued for malpractice. SOMC had then pulled all their advertising from the Daily Times and the hospital business group that SOMC was part of also pulled their ads from newspapers in other cities that were owned by the same publishing company that owned and operated the Daily Times.

A newspaper needs the advertising and Park had done well; at that time the Daily Times was sending over $500,000.00 profit from Portsmouth to their out of town owner every year. Mr. Park was fired and the Southern Ohio Medical Center and their affiliates again were buying advertisments.

Ken Park, an able administrator who had tried to follow directions, did not suffer financially. He had published faithfully for the benefit of the Republican Party while he was in charge of the local newspaper. He was awarded by the state Republican administration in Columbus with a high-pay job with Ohio Department of Highways.

An alleged publisher who was socially unfit and highly incompetent followed Ken Park. Then, in the late nineties B.J.Riley was appointed publisher. Mr. Riley promised readers he would be a watchdog over a three million dollar grant that was being handled by the Southern Ohio Growth Partnership (SOGP) but he fell in with the local gang after his spouse was tendered a high-pay job by the SOGP. (Greg Bauer, our current Mayor, was in with the SOGP gang that helped the three million dollars disappear; only six hundred dollars was accounted for to the public by the SOGP.)

We know little of the background of the present publisher, Eddie Blakely. It is rumoured that he worked for several years in Texas. Mr. Blakely no longer works full time at the Portsmouth Daily Times; we have information that he is also serving as Publisher for two other area newspapers, also owned by the Alabama Company that owns the Daily Times. It is believed that the Newspaper Company in Alabama is short on money, as are many businesses in our nation in recent years. Perhaps that is why Eddie Blakely is doing triple-duty as publisher for three newspapers.

Neither John Welton nor I have ever talked with Mr. Blakely.

Our communications with the Daily Times for the past year have been mostly with Editor Rick Greene who has worked closely and amicably with us in a common interest. Editor Greene was delighted to receive documents and news tips from us. He told us that he was short on reporters and the company has refused to budget more money for reporters to perform the standard of news reporting he desired to bring to his readers. MIKE BLACKBURN Ė ILLEGAL COMPUTER PURCHASE

On May 19, 2003 after we obtained and carried the documents that exposed the thefts by City Service Director Mike Blackburn to Mr. Greene at his office, we made a verbal agreement that we would work covertly together. This was fine with us. We didnít really care about the credit for doing the investigative work for the Daily Times; we wanted the public to know of the corruption of the city mayorís office, and at that time the newspaper had more readers than we had. We continued with this agreement because we realized that the Times had readers that did not read the website. Many people do not have Internet access, and many that do never bother to read our website. We wanted the citizens of this city and county to know what the officials were doing with our tax money.

This arrangement was a bonanza for Editor Greene. He told us that circulation had increased as the stories of the Mayorís corruption with his service director Mike Blackburn and publication of our reports of other illegal activities became a normal occurrence for the Daily Times. We did the investigations and furnished reports and documents to Editor Greene; he verified our reports and printed the news. His reputation as an investigative editor soared. Rick Greene was looking good and his reputation as a hard-hitting honest journalist was spreading rapidly.

When we furnished the Mike Blackburn documents on the purchase of a $3,000.00 home computer on a city account to Editor Greene he was delighted. After we had published articles on the websites about the illegal purchase Mayor Greg Bauer called Editor Greene to his city hall office to "explain" why the purchase of personal equipment on the cityís account was legal.MAYOR LIED TO EDITOR

Editor Greene was furious when he returned to his office from his interview with Mayor Greg Bauer. Mr. Greene told us that he had taken top reporter Jeff Barron with him to the interview and had cautioned Mr. Barron not to say anything to the Mayor that would reveal to the Mayor that the Daily Times already had received a copy of the incriminating documents. Editor Greene further told us that Mayor Greg Bauer, unaware that Editor Greene and Jeff Barron already had the story, lied to them, told them that it was all "done" and it was all legal, but that he had disciplined Mike Blackburn.

When The Times printed the Blackburn-Bauer story Mayor Bauer went on the radio with his buddy Steve Hayes and informed anyone listening that was not aware of the illegal act, that it did indeed occur, and it was all okay. In one radio session both Mayor Bauer and Disk Jockey Hayes both bad-mouthed the Editor of the Times. Editor Greene responded in a mature manner in a gentlemanly fashion. Both the disk jockey and mayor looked even worse for their denials. Editor Greene was doing great; and newspapers were selling.


Many interesting cases followed. Our long and deep investigation into the corruption at Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities (MRDD) exposed unfair labor practices, unsafe conditions, rapes and abuse of participants, and arrogant disregard of the participantsí human dignity. Many state regulations were being violated and we called for investigations by the State of Ohio. Some of the events we exposed are still under investigation and in the courts. Our publicity helped stop the lay-off of the veteran MRDD bus drivers and helped stop a contract with the Canadian Laidlaw Transportation Company. Scioto County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Bill Shaw entered the case and ruled against the proposal which was being used by MRDD Director John Oakley as a union-busting ploy. Mr. Shaw enforced the law and saved many local jobs.SOCF

The Southern Ohio Correctional Facility investigation was another big investigation. In this case Editor Greene became active after we had set up interviews for him with prison employees. In this case John Welton (Doug Deepe) spent endless hours in dozens of interviews by phone and in person with with SOCF personnel; he also gathered documents from the employees, from court files, and from the State Correctional Offices in Columbus. Doug Deepe was able to persuade high-ranking officers to meet with Editor Greene at the Times Office. Doug Deepe also arranged a large interview meeting with a group of twelve at a rural location for a nighttime meeting with the editor. Some of the prison personnel were fearful of being seen downtown at Mr. Greeneís office. This meeting produced an abundance of information from local SOCF personnel and Corrections Officers who came to the meeting from Ross County prisons after interviews with Doug Deepe.


After many weeks of intensive work the documents and other evidence Doug Deepe had obtained were given to Editor Rick Greene. Greene wanted to write this story. He wanted to be one to "break" this big story. He was not very quick to put it together, as there was a tremendous volume of recordings, documents and interviews from which to write the revealing story. When the lengthy detailed SOCF story "broke" it was a big revelation to the Daily Times readers. Rick Greene received full credit for the article. The readers loved Rick Greeneís investigation and his report.

Doug Deepe and I already had our SOCF articles prepared to post on our websites, but we waited, according to an agreement to keep the news secret, until Mr. Greene got his big story printed. He wanted full credit for the entire story; an earlier posting on our websites would have detracted from Editor Greeneís image as an investigative reporter. We agreed without hesitation; we wanted the public to know how conditions were at the prison for the employees and the inmates. Rick Green did a good job with his writing. He was looking good to the public and selling more newspapers than ever.MARTINGS SCANDAL $1.9 MILLION

Doug Deepe and I had been investigating the Martings Scandal for several weeks but had difficulty getting public information from the Mayorís office when Police Chief Charles Horner announced on Monday, February 23, 2004 at the City Council meeting that he was investigating the Martings Building purchase the Portsmouth Daily Times Reporter Jeff Barron was there to report for the Times.

Editor Rick Greene began his own investigation into the Martings Scandal and Doug Deepe and I intensified our inquiries. Slowly, piece by piece, it has become documented. Despite deep collusion by many persons, and rigorous efforts to keep records hidden, we now have the story. A little more work and we can "put the icing on the cake." We have documented proof of multiple violations by Martings. We also have documented proof of grand larceny by Mayor Greg Bauer. We will publish this at the proper time.

Editor Rick Greene had worked closely with us on this and we had exchanged information. Rick Greene has talent; he is a good investigator. He would be hard to beat if he didnít have the chore of getting a newspaper written, printed and on the street seven days a week.

Many agencies have become interested in the Martingís purchase made by Mayor Bauer. At one time while Doug Deepe, Rick Greene and I were exchanging information on Martings in a meeting in Rick Greeneís office we were interrupted by a government official. Mr. Greene invited the official into the room where we were. Rick Greene had worked with us and trusted us to such an extent that he did not ask us to leave, but asked us to stay for more exchanging of information with him. The government official took information from us, but, as usual with those people, we got no information; they donít give you anything. We didnít mind, we appreciated the widening interest in this Marting Scandal by other officials, and were happy to help.

Finally, our working agreement with the Daily Times is over. This is a relief in a way. Now we donít have to wait to post our news for fear it will interfere with plans of Mr. Greene to print the story. We no longer have to communicate with Rick Greene to discuss when the stories will be posted.


Rick Greene is an investigator. He wanted more information and had reason to believe that SOGP is key to much of the corruption in this city. We warned Editor Greene that he would meet rigid opposition from the SOGP if he attempted to obtain information about what they do with public money. The SOGP (also known as the Same Old Gang Program) has long refused to make public accounting of public money. Editor Greene disregarded our unsought advice and continued to inquire about the "holy of holies." Bob Huff, the front confidence man for SOGP, Clay Johnson, the lawyer, and The Chamber of Commerce have, apparently, blocked his action.


Editor Greene, his boss Eddie Blakely, and their Attorney Rick Brown were "invited" to Clay Johnsonís new office building at the northeast corner of Sixth and Washington Street. We were told that Attorney Clay Johnson laid out documents and "explained" the $1.999 million dollar Martings deal. Now that Eddie Blakely and Rick Green have received an official "explanation" from the "boss," donít look for them to print any more about the Martings Scandal unless the Sentinel and  lead the way with more publications of revealing information.

At the City Council meeting seven days ago, Monday, March 22, 2004 Editor Rick Greene showed up, along with Reporter Jeff Barron. From an interview immediately after the meeting, we believe that an interview with Doug Deepe (John Welton) and me was the main reason Rick Greene attended the meeting. After all, he had his top city reporter on the job to write the article on the council meeting. Rick wasnít needed there.


During this interview Rick Greene told us we were banned from the Portsmouth Daily Times building. He told us that the order came from Publisher Eddie Blakely. He later said he agreed with the Blakely order. This order came through Editor Greene only a few days after Clay Johnson "had laid out documents and explained" the Martings $1.999 Million Dollar purchase. Apparently the Shawnee Sentinel and disturbed the SOGP, Bob Huff, and Clay Johnson about accounts of their involvement in this dubious deal of the Martings purchase.

Well, you had a good run Editor Greene. You were printing real news for nearly a year; the readers were happy; they were proud of you and delighted that, at last, they had a real newpaper in Portsmouth. They had reason to hope Portsmouth was now going to become a real part of civilized America, with a guardian newspaper to keep the citizens free from the evils of corruption and oppression. Oh, well! A good dream, but a brief one.

One more thing, Editor Greene, you may be famous as a journalist some day. You have the ability; you need the proper forum to perform to the best of your talents.


Another thought, and a question for you, Rick Greene. Did you ever tell Publisher Eddie Blakely that you werenít really the one that was doing most of the investigative work for the articles you were printing? Or, did you simply keep quiet about your unpaid assistants, and let him think you alone were responsible for all the breaking news?

If you didnít level with your publisher, then you may sometime join the ranks of Jayson Blair, and Jack Kelley. Jayson Blair made worldwide headlines last year when it was revealed that many of the articles he wrote for the New York Times were taken from articles created by other writers. And of course, you probably read about Jack Kelley, 43, of USA Today last Friday. Nearly half of the front section of their newspaper, including the frontpage, was filled with apologies to their readers for printing Kelleyís phony news stories. Kelley wrote of many events and tragedies in the Middle East war zone during the past three years that didnít occur.

Good luck, Rick Greene, remember what you were taught in your ethics classes in journalism school. You gotta be honest! (Written and posted by Austin Leedom at 12:30 a.m. Monday, March 29, 2004)

The Portsmouth Daily Times loses another experienced man.

(Written and posted by Austin Leedom at 5:30 p.m. Friday, March 26, 2004)

Thom Chalfan, former Editor of the Shawnee State University Chronicle and Assistant Sports Editor at the Portsmouth Daily Times after being graduated from SSU in 2001 has left The Portsmouth Daily Times.

As Editor of the University Chronicle for two years Mr. Chalfan installed the latest in newspaper desktop publishing software at the university; he trained other students in the use of the new equipment and published many outstanding editions of the university student newspaper. He was a superior student and was an excellent writer and leader for the University Chronicle.

In a personal interview with Shawnee Sentinel reporters today Mr. Chalfan said he had received a better job with the Daily Advance Newspaper in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. He is leaving Portsmouth this weekend for his new position in North Carolina.

See for view of Thom Chalfanís Carolina newspaper.

Thom Chalfan is a veteran of the United States Navy and was home-ported in Norfolk, Virginia. He is acquainted with Atlantic coast area and appeared to be very happy to be returning to the East Coast. He lamented the recent departure from the Portsmouth Daily Times of Assistant Editor Todd Garvin; he said he had enjoyed working for Mr. Garvin.

Mr. Chalfan indicated that his new position will pay substantially more than he was being paid by The Portsmouth Daily Times.

(Written and posted by Austin Leedom at 5:30 p.m. Friday, March 26, 2004)

Below is an excerpt from a Sentinel article on March 22, 2004 concerning the violent assault of a lady in Assistant City Solicitor Mark Kuhn's office on February 17, 2004 by Dean Conklin, an armed employee.  The Times refused to print the news of the incident for fear of losing advertising revenue. For full story of assault click on MARK KUHN in the menu to the left.


Even more shameful, and harmful, than the disgusting acts of the vicious members of the City Solicitorís Office, is the failure of the Portsmouth Daily Times to report these crimes to their readers.

The Portsmouth Daily Times has known of this violent, disgusting attack on the helpless woman since the day it occurred. Police reports were available but TheTimes has refused to print this story. Many of the citizens of this county are unaware of the brutal physical attack, and the verbal attack by the officials of the City Solicitorís Office.

The Portsmouth Daily Times is known to many as a Republican newspaper.

The Portsmouth Daily Times is known to many others as the main propaganda publication for  the "elite group" of "superior" people who really control many of the offices in the city and county.

The Portsmouth Daily Times has for years selectively controlled the news printed in their paper. The "good people" who commit crimes are safe from any publicity, while the "rest of us" get frontpage coverage for minor offenses.

Do we need a newspaper that prints only some of the news?

Also, The Portsmouth Daily Times has regularly printed press releases from the current Sheriffís Office that were outright lies, and has defended the Mayorís Office when they have had, in their hands, hard-copy evidence of criminal guilt.

Mis-leading press releases from the Chamber of Commerce, the Southern Ohio Growth Program (SOGP) and other so-called "good groups" are routinely printed without verification.  These organizations are portrayed by the Portsmouth Daily Times as "good people" working for the "betterment of the community," when in reality they are working only for  their own private, self-serving interests.

TheTimes neglected to print news about a  wealthy person of a "good family" who raped his own teen-age daughter repeatedly over a period of two years. They did not run the story until after it was posted on this website. There are many, many other unreported crimes that the Portsmouth Daily Times has concealed.

Do we need such a so-called newspaper? Are you paying too much for your paper?

The Portsmouth Daily Times has also come to the rescue of the gang that engineered the $1.9 million Martingís fiasco.

When he began investigation of the Martings Scandal Portsmouth Police Chief Horner incurred the wrath of the select "people in power" who naturally believe that their goals of continued dominance and self-prosperity is in the best interest of the entire city and their means (legal or corrupt) are justified by the results.

The present Martings fiasco has entangled many of the "superior" people of Portsmouth in a web of dreaded, unwanted publicity and embarrassment. These "superior people" do not fear prosecution.  They have no scruples about what they do, but they don't want the public to know.  Publicity is the only thing they fear.

The Portsmouth Daily Times cannot be a friend of the truth.

 The Portsmouth Daily Timesí interest in survival by means of local advertising money forbids their ethical obligation to report all the news.

Prediction: Editor Rick Greene 's conscience may not allow him to remain with the Portsmouth Daily Times much longer.  He is honest; and has a brave heart. He understands ethics of journalism.  Now, it appears Editor Greene has been silenced by Publisher Eddie Blakely who fears loss of advertising income.  Written by Austin Leedom at  2:30 a.m. Monday, March 22, 2004


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